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TIBCO and Subject-centric computing

I attended TIBCO’s TUCON 2010 conference this year. It gave me a great opportunity to explore Event-driven Architecture, SOA, BPM and Cloud computing. I had a chance also to listen/think/talk about the future of computing. And this future looks very subject-centric.

Let’s take a look at TIBCO’s entry into the world of enterprise social software – tibbr.
It is a microblogging platform: it allows people to submit/receive short messages. But it is subject-centric in its core. tibbr allows users to define subjects with name and description. Users can submit (“tib”) messages into “subjects” and subscribe to subjects that they are interested in. User experience is amazing!

It is very close to ideas described in my previous posts related to Subject-centric microblogging

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Another interesting product is “TIBCO BusinessEvents”. It is a complex events processing platform. Under the hood there is a powerful domain modeling infrastructure that allows to define “concepts”, “events” and “business rules”. “Concepts” help to define what I like to call “Enterprise Knowledge Map”. “Events” define what can happen outside and inside of an enterprise. “Business rules” allow to connect events and concepts. As a result, we can create dynamic enterprise models which facilitate
decision making in real-time.

TIBCO’s founder and CEO Vivek Ranadivé in his presentation “Two-second Advantage” mentioned future “triple store”. But it is not just static triple store that we typically mean in relation to Linked Data. It is a triple store that is integrated and updated by stream of events with ability to reason about concepts and events in time. TIBCO BusinessEvents 4.0 is a great introduction to these ideas.